Woman Makes 'Doggy Bucket List' For Dying Beagle

Daisy is battling lymphoma, fluid on her lungs and a heart murmur -- but her human is on a mission to ensure she ends her life happy.

Florida woman Jillian Dibble wrote up a 'bucket list' for her beloved beagle after receiving a heartbreaking call from the vet, telling her Daisy had just eight weeks to live.

Because she suffered from a number of health conditions and was already 12 years old, chemotherapy wasn't an option.

"I was so devastated when I got the phone call that she had lymphoma, and I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to say goodbye," Dibble told WPTV.

"I decided we are gonna have fun for as long as I have with her."

Eating icecream on the Ave is also on the list. Photo: Jillian Dibble via Facebook

Among the list is a pupachino at Starbucks, a swim at the beach, visiting a fire station, ordering a burger at McDonald's and cruising down a highway with the windows down and the music up.

The loyal pup is ripping through the list, starting off with the food items, as expected.

Next up, Daisy and her human are out to collect dog beds, blankets, towels and money to donate to their local animal shelter.

Photo: Jillian Dibble via Facebook

The list hasn't been smooth sailing with Daisy and her human hitting a bit of a hurdle -- the Florida heat.

"My sweet girl Daisy Mae has Lymphoma and we don’t have a lot of time left," Dibble posted on a beagle-dedicated Facebook page.

"I made her a bucket list so we could make the best of our time left together but the only problem is I live in Florida and the heat seems to bother her," she explained before asking for some cooler additions.

Swimming in a paddling pool, access to a candy bar and a trip to the doggy spa were among the suggestions now being weighed up by Dibble.

It's not the first time a family has given their dying pup the perfect send-off.

Wilson has his final meal. Photo: Stephen Rampersad via the Pensacola News Journal

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Wilson, a 14-year-old German Pointer, was diagnosed with terminal bladder and stomach cancer in July.

His owners decided that the best thing for their furry friend was to put him out of his pain, but not before a weekend filled with all of his favourite things.

Wilson was treated to a trip to the beach, long car trips, a day at work with his firefighter dad and a last meal consisting of a burger and fries alongside an entire plate of bacon.