Brekky Wrap: Dentists Find Hundreds Of Teeth In Young Boy's Mouth

All the news you need to know this Thursday.

Dentists have removed 526 teeth from the mouth of a seven-year-old boy in India. The child's father took him to a hospital in Tamil Nadu after he complained about a swollen jaw and cheek. When surgeons took a look inside the boy's mouth, they discovered hundreds of teeth sitting inside the tumour-like growth. "It took five hours to remove all the minute teeth from the bag-like structure. The weight of the growth was 200 grams," Professor P Senthilnathan told the New Indian Express. The boy is expected to make a full recovery.

Canadian Authorities are scaling back their search for two teenagers suspected of killing Australian Lucas Fowler and his American girlfriend. Despite more than 500 buildings searched and 11,000 square kilometres scoured, there has been no confirmed sighting of the pair in the Gillam area. Police believe the duo has left the area or are dead.

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Thousands of health workers will walk off the job across NSW as they fight for increased security in public hospitals. The strike will run for up to four hours and will involve paramedics, security staff, admin staff and catering workers. Doctors and nurses will not be involved while patients are being assured care will not be affected.

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Staff at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital will be among those striking . Photo: Joel Carratt/AAP

Israel Folau has launched legal action for unfair dismissal against Rugby Australia and the NSW Waratahs. The former Wallabies star’s multi-million-dollar contract was ripped up in May after a controversial social media post. “Unfortunately, our conciliation before the Fair Work Commission did not resolve the matters between us and I have been left with no choice but to commence court action," he said in a statement. He’s seeking $10 million in damages.

Israel Folau has launched legal action against Rugby Australia. Photo: Getty.

Suspected terrorists could be jailed indefinitely under a tough new crackdown.  Laws will be introduced to federal parliament today to close a loophole that allows criminals with terror links to be released on parole, according to the Daily Telegraph. Eleven convicted terrorists in Australia are due for release in the next 18 months.

Photo: Tracey Nearmy/Getty

More than 1200 Australians have been killed on our roads in the past year, with new data showing the nation is failing to meet key road safety targets. According to the Australian Automobile Association, every state is falling behind on plans to reduce the number of fatalities. Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack will meet with state and territory transport ministers to address the issue.

Photo: Getty

A bill to decriminalise abortion will be introduced to NSW parliament today.The private member's bill will allow for terminations up to 22 weeks.  Politicians will get a chance to debate it next week.

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Image: AAP

Police in Russia are questioning a man over the murder of a Russian Instagram star. Ekaterina Karaglanova, 24, was stabbed to death and stuffed in a suitcase. Her remains were discovered in her own apartment on Friday. Charges are yet to be laid.

Photo: Ekaterina Karaglanova Instagram

In sport, England has broken Australia’s unbeaten streak with a 17-run win in the final Twenty20 of the Women’s Ashes Series. The first test of the men’s series gets underway tonight.

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