Couple Drinks Water Meant For Toilet Use For Years Due To Pipe Mix-Up

An Adelaide couple has been unknowingly drinking recycled water for eight years, after an apparent pipe installation bungle.

The State Opposition is now calling for all homes in the suburb of Mawson Lakes to have their water pipes checked, to make sure no other residents are affected.

The water comes from a nearby wastewater treatment plant and is recommended for use in toilets and washing cars - but not for drinking or bathing.

Labor MP Michael Brown said he sought documents from SA Water after concerns were raised from his constituents.

SA Water has apologised to the couple for the error. Image: Getty

Speaking on radio on Wednesday morning, Brown said it's not clear how the mistake occurred.

"Documents show that SA Water aren't sure how this could have occurred, and so as a result what they believed has happened is their audit procedures have failed," he told ABC Radio Adelaide.

"They've changed their procedures now to make sure it can't happen again as far as they're concerned. "

He's calling for SA Water to conduct more checks on other homes in the area.

"I'm a Mawson Lakes resident myself and I think it's quite concerning that our families could potentially be exposed to recycled effluent."

The affected household had its water charges refunded.

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Water Minister David Speirs says human error during installation in 2010 is to blame.

"What occurred at this property was completely unacceptable. I understand SA Water rectified the situation as soon as they were made aware," he said in a statement.

"The advice I received at the time was that this was a result of human error during construction at this site and that there were no issues at neighbouring properties."

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