Drug Dealer Caught In The Act By His Own Car's Dashcam

A drug dealer has been jailed after his very own dashcam recorded him telling a man he sold "gear".

Scott Curtis, 45, of the town of Cwmdare in Wales, was caught trying to throw small bags of cocaine and heroin out of his car window after he was pulled over by police in September last year.

A raid of his home uncovered cannabis plants, while police also seized Curtis' car and dashboard camera, which contained hours of footage.

It was that video which ultimately sealed Curtis' fate.

Photo: South Wales police via Facebook

In it, the dealer can be seen polishing his car before jumping inside the vehicle to answer a phone call.

“I don’t do valium, gear I do,” he told the caller, referring to illegal drugs.

“Three for 25," he negotiated, before saying he "will be there in 10 minutes”.

Detective Constable Steve Woolley from South Wales police said Curtis did his best to get away with the crimes.

Photo: South Wales Police via Facebook

"He threw drugs from his vehicle and then claimed that it was all for own personal use," Woolley said.

"But when we played back his own dashcam footage, I don’t think he could quite believe it himself."

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While he initially refused to respond the officer's questions, in July, Curtis pleases guilty to all charges and was jailed for two and a half years.