Man Wins Thousands In Compensation After Magic Failed To Return Estranged Wife

A Russian court has ordered a 'magical' organisation to pay 400,000 rubles -- or AU$9,000 for failing to provide a promised service.

It all started in the Siberian city of Omsk in 2017 when the man's wife decided to leave him.

Heartbroken and alone, the man came across a television advert that promised to  "return your wife or loved one," while removing any curses, according to court records.

The ad made him feel hopeful, so, he quickly dialled the number for The Sixth Sense and got in touch with the company's director who convinced the man that he would use his "magical and sensory knowledge" to bring his estranged partner home.

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Contracts were drawn up and 260,332 rubles was handed over -- roughly AU$6,000 -- however, the woman never returned.

The man attempted to demand a refund but his complaint was left unanswered.

So, he sued The Sixth Sense.

The court found no proof of the extrasensory, fortune-telling, spiritism and astrology services the company had promised.

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The man was awarded hundreds of thousands of rubles compensation, for the lack of service and also for moral damage, which was not appealed by the company.

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Local media joked that maybe the money would help reunite the former lovers.

Various types of 'magic' such as love spells have been gaining popularity in Russia in recent years, partly due to the huge success of psychic challenge TV shows.