Police Looking For Woman After Disgusting Act In Supermarket

Police are trying to track down a food vandal of a different kind.

You may recall the nation's been stunned by several incidents of people licking ice cream, or using the ice cream cooler as a bathroom.

Police in West Mifflin, U.S. are looking for a woman who reportedly urinated on a pile of potatoes at Walmart.

Police released a surveillance image of the woman they're looking for.

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Walmart told WPXI a store employee saw the woman use the potatoes as a bathroom.

The surveillance video had a timestamp of July 24.

Walmart told WPXI it's working with police to identify the woman so she can face charges.

There seem to have been quite a spate of food-related crimes of late.

A woman recently filmed herself licking a tub of ice cream and putting it back on the supermarket shelves. The video went viral and led to worldwide outrage, copycats and possible jail time. 

ice cream
Footage of the incident was widely shared on Twitter.

While another woman Jung Soon Wypcha, in Florida, was caught on CCTV urinating in a shop's ice-cream maker, she was arrested and charged.

She was also caught picking her nose and sticking her hands in ice cream.

Jung Soon Wypcha