Aussie Artist Paints Controversial George Pell Mural Next To Vatican

Australian street artist Scott Marsh has recreated his provocative mural of Cardinal George Pell near the Vatican in Rome.

The artwork depicts a demonic figure standing over a handcuffed George Pell in prison greens and a cardinal cap, kneeling with his hands held in a prayer-like position.

"Prey round 2," read the caption alongside a brief video of the mural posted to Instagram.

It's the second time in days that Marsh has created the artwork.

The first coated a car park only 50 metres away from St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney.

The canvas also happened to be situated less than 100 metres from the disgraced archbishop's former residence.

The graffiti art didn't last long, within days the mural was removed from the Domain Car Park, deemed 'offensive'.

In March, Pell was sentenced to six years jail for sexually abusing two choirboys while he was the Catholic archbishop of Melbourne in the 1990s.

At the time of his guilty conviction, Pell was Treasurer to the Vatican, its third-highest position.

He has always maintained his innocence and is appealing his conviction.

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Pell isn't the first high-profile Australian to be targeted by Marsh.

He coated a wall in Newtown, in Sydney's inner-west with a mural of former Wallabies player Israel Folau lounging against a luxury sports car with a cardboard sign misquoting the bible and an eftpos machine and hat filled with small change by his feet.

“'It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God,' Mathew 19:24" the caption said.

It came after Folau started a GoFundMe campaign to raise $3 million for his legal battle with Rugby Australia.

The page was taken down, the donators handed back their cash.

Meanwhile, in 2017, Tony Abbott was hauled into the spotlight when Marsh painted a sexualised mural of the former prime minister and Cardinal George Pell celebrating same-sex marriage.

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The painting was called "The Happy Ending" and was painted on the wall of the Botany View Hotel in Newtown.

As expected, that was painted over within hours.

Marsh has been contacted for comment.