This Journalist Reported On Floods While Neck-Deep In Water

Azadar Hussain is one of those journalists who goes that extra mile.

Journalists like to prove their dedication to a story by being in the thick of the action, but this one takes the cake. Hussain risked his life while reporting on heavy rains that had drenched the Kot Chutta region in Pakistan on Friday, filing a TV report while nearly underwater himself.

Footage of the cross shows the GTV reporter so deep in the floodwaters that only his head -- and his hand, holding the microphone -- remained dry.

While he remained calm throughout the coverage, he warned nearby residents about the risks of floodwater and the impact it was having on the region. You can watch part of the report above.

Photo: GTV

The startling clip has since gone viral and has been mostly met with applause for Hussain's dedication to the story.

"Job well done there son," one user said.

"D E V O T E D !" said another.

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One Facebook user, who said they were in the language Urdu, said that Hussain warned residents not to make "unnecessary journeys."

Of course, that was met with plenty of laugh emojis.