'Apocalyptic' Grasshopper Invasion Shows Up On Weather Radar

An unusually wet spring in Las Vegas has led to a mass spawning of grasshoppers that have invaded the city in thick clouds.

The insect swarm is so dense that it is now showing up on weather radars in the area, with meteorologists noting that they appear as static storms over the city.

The National Weather Service in Las Vegas tweeted on Saturday that people have been asking about the "widespread radar returns the past few nights" and that their analysis suggests that most of the echoes showing up are "biological targets" (grasshoppers).

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The grasshoppers aren't dangerous (they don't bite or carry disease) but that hasn't stopped Vegas residents from posting their concerns on social media.

The insects will likely stick around the city for several more weeks, which may prove inconvenient to residents who are already battling to keep their homes and businesses clean.

While the hordes of the critters are rare, they're not unheard-of and there are records of the same apocalyptic-looking swarms appearing in the area since the 1960s.