Man Captures CCTV Footage Of Cat Suffocating Him In His Sleep

A man said he "couldn't breathe" while sleeping, so set up a camera to figure out what was going on.

Luis Navarro posted the series of photos on Twitter last week, detailing the mystery he had to solve.

"I couldn't breath when I slept so I installed a camera", he tweeted.

A set of photos, still images from the camera, show Navarro's cat staring at him in his sleep before crawling onto his face to lie down, blocking his nose and mouth in the process.

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Some Twitter users responded with photos and stories of their cats doing the same thing, making it difficult for them to breathe while they slept -- with others claiming Navarro's cat was actually trying to kill him.

Doctor Rachael Stratton, a veterinary behaviourist, told 10 daily she has heard anecdotally of cats sleeping in various inconvenient places on top of people. It is often not harmful -- although it can pose a problem when they try and sleep on babies in the same way.

"I don't think the cat's intention would be to potentially smother him, I would say that it's more that the cat is getting cosy and sleeping somewhere nice and warm," she said.

Stratton commented that Navarro is "obviously a deep sleeper" but there are a number of solutions that he could try to discourage the cat sleeping on him like this anymore.

Stratton recommends owners experiencing this problem should discourage cats to sleep on their face by making it hard for the animals to settle -- such as by turning over or sleeping on their stomachs.

Owners can also encourage cats to sleep in other parts of the bed by using fake fur blankets or spraying places with synthetic cat pheromones.

"If it wasn't a face, I'd say you could also try putting something unpleasant-smelling there to discourage the cat's behaviour," Stratton said.

Navarro's post has now been liked over 1.5 million times and has 415,000 retweets.