A Teen Just Won $4 Million Playing Fortnite

Forget tennis majors, footy contracts or golf tournaments -- now video games can now make you an instant multi-millionaire.

Kyle "Bugha" Giersdorf, 16, beat out 40 million players to be named the first World Champion of video game sensation Fortnite.

The Pennsylvania teen takes home a massive AU$4.3 million dollars for winning the solo finals held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York -- the same venue that hosts the US Open tennis tournament.

"I'm just so happy. Everything I've done, the grind, it's all paid off. It's just insane," Giersdorf said after beating the final 100 participants on Sunday and lifting the trophy.

He doesn't plan to go on a shopping spree either, telling the BBC that most of the winnings will be put away in savings.

"All I want is a new desk and maybe a desk for my trophy," he said.

To put his win in perspective, he made more money on Sunday than Novak Djokovic and Simona Halep did after being crowned Wimbledon champions earlier this month (they each pocketed AU$4.2 million).

But, Bugha wasn't the only teenager to become an instant millionaire  -- Emil "Nythrox" Bergquist and David "Aqua" W, both from Europe, won the duos championship and will split $4.3 million between them.

British and Dutch pair Jaden "Wolfiez" Ashman and Dave "Rojo" John came in second and they too become instant millionaires, splitting $3.25 million.

Speaking to the media after the event, Ashman's mother admitted she hadn't been a fan of his e-sport dream, explaining she'd even thrown out one of his box game consoles.

All up, more than 30 nations were represented at the tournament, including Australia.

There were six Aussies competing at Flushing Meadows including three in the solo category and three in the duo, one of which was playing with a New Zealand partner.

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They all won $72,000 just for qualifying.

The total prize pool of the entire championship came to $43 million, the largest in the history of e-sports.

Photo: Fortnite via YouTube

Fortnite was released by Epic Games in 2017 and now has over 200 million players worldwide.

Characters are dropped into a battlefield with 99 others, equipped with the most basic of weapons -- a pickaxe.

From there, the goal is to find weapons and materials to take down their opponents. Last player standing wins.

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