'White People Only' Ads Launched In Australia

Ads using slogans such as "This ad is for white people only" and "If you're a woman, don't bother reading this ad" will be appearing across Australian radio, TV, newspapers and bill-boards Monday.

The provocative campaign was launched by Ad Standards, Australia's largest independent advertising body for dealing with advertising complaints, and is designed to demand kinder campaigns that contribute positively to society.

It's intended to challenge community perceptions of advertising and lead people to identify advertising that performs social good as well as remind Australians that discriminatory advertising is prohibited by national standards.

Source: Ad Standards.

The ad that reads "for white people only" asks audiences to identify advertising that "recognise cultural diversity on their own terms".

"Our streets may be colourful but blank white faces stare out from our TV screens and magazines. Racial stereotypes are reducing our lives into one-liners," the ad reads.

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The other ads target campaigns that brainwash children, distract drivers, encourage unhealthy eating, discriminate against women, or try to pass off as authentic material produced by influencers or celebrities.

Fiona Jolly, CEO of Ad Standards, said that she hopes the campaign will encourage the Australian public to identify advertising that goes above and beyond the requirements of advertising codes.

Source: Ad Standards.

"The advertising codes are in place to achieve greater good for everyone, protecting the nation with standards that reflect society's values across wide-ranging social issues," Jolly said.

Ad Standards are now asking Australians to submit their favourite ads that are clever and promote social goods on their website.