Council Forced To Create Video Showing How To Open A Plastic Bag

Victoria's Bayside Council have created a 30-second video showing its residents how to open and use new recycling bin bags after repeated complaints that the bags were too difficult to use.

The new recycling bags, made out of corn starch, were given to residents as part of a new initiative to recycle food waste aimed at reducing the 14,000 tonnes of food waste council is sending to landfill each year.

Despite the instructions being printed on the bags themselves, inquiries from residents sent to the council prompted the instructional video.

Bayside Council director Steven White told the Herald Sun that the video was made in-house at no cost.

He also said feedback from councils indicated a need for instructions on how to open the bag.

Source: Bayside Council Facebook.

The instructions, uploaded to Facebook by the council, includes step-by-step instructions such as "rip it off the roll", "fold out the side" and "take the top of the bag between your thumb and finger and rub together".

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