Internet Pranksters Test Out Highway Speed Camera Threshold In Viral Video

A Facebook prankster has shared a video claiming roadside speed cameras have a tolerance of more than 10 percent above the speed limit.

The men appear to be beside a motorway with a permanent speed camera set up. Each of them take turns to drive their vehicle past the camera, increasing their speed by one kilometre per hour each time.

Despite claiming the motorway's speed limit is 100km/h, the men are surprised to continue travelling at higher and higher speeds past the camera without it going off -- until it flashes at what they claim to be 112km/h.

The men were filmed getting the car to an exact speed for the test. Photo: Facebook

A police officer arrived during the filming of the video, inquiring why the group is at the roadside location, before telling them that people are known to mess with the speed cameras.

The video was uploaded Thursday to the Facebook page of Gold Coast social media creator, Shammi, who currently has over 6.5million fans.

A Queensland Police spokesperson told 10 daily that they don't divulge the tolerance levels of their cameras, through warned motorists of driving above the speed limit.

"The information relayed in the video is misleading to motorists. Drivers are reminded that the posted speed limit is the maximum speed limit permitted," police said.

"Road safety is a high priority for the QPS, with speeding identified as one of the Fatal Five behaviours that contribute most significantly to deaths and serious injuries on our roads."

In 2018, Queensland recorded 50-speed related road fatalities.