'Dumb' Ideas That Could Actually Help Make The World A Better Place

Solving all of the world's problems has always seemed difficult, costly and virtually impossible -- until now.

Twitter users have banded together to share really ridiculously simple ways to make the planet a better place.

We're talking, on the road, at work, in parliament and generally in life.

It all started with a simple tweet from Bijan Stephen A.K.A Gamer Wife.

"I'm curious: what's the dumbest idea you have that you would nevertheless believe will, if implemented, make the world a better place," he asked his followers.

It appears it's a question thousands have been sitting on for quite some time, the thread notching up more than 8,000 comments.

Some of the suggestions would be super handy, like making your car horn just as loud inside your car is it is outside or having it programmed to let you know when you're driving awfully.

DMing your doctor if you have a super quick question instead of waiting at their office for half an hour could be useful.

So too could forcing drivers to use their indicators.

Other suggestions were much less thought out but do have a bit of merit.

Like dealing with the 'Karens' in the world if you work in retail.

Or introducing a brand new election process for world leaders.

Imagine the possibilities...

The best, most impressive, simplest and life-changing of all the suggestions, hands-down, is universal nap time.

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For anyone, anywhere, every day. Genius.

So maybe, just maybe, making the world a better place is more simple than it appears.