Man Claims Contractor 'Sprayed His Dog With Poison' At Park

Speaking to 10 daily, Corey Seno said his seven-month-old rescue dog named Bailey "is his life," and he was shaken by the incident at Perth's Rockingham Dog Park.

Corey said the contractor was walking past spraying along the fence, turned around, sprayed Bailey and kept walking.

Seno was about 15 metres away in the middle of the park and it wasn't until he got back to Bailey that he realised the 'spray' was on his dog's face.

Seven-month-old rescue dog Bailey. Image: Supplied

On Wednesday, Seno took to Facebook to write: “Rockingham council just spreyed (sic) my dog with poison through the dog park fence befor (sic) walking in and telling us to ‘go fuck ourself (sic)’”.

The post is accompanied by a video and a number of images. The video shows a man in a high-vis jumper, with a spray bottle on his back, walking along a path.

As he passes the camera he puts up his middle finger and sticks his tongue out.

Image: Facebook

One image shows the man spraying along the footpath, and another a photo of an ‘LD Total’ truck.

The post has attracted a number of comments. A lot of users sympathise with the man, but many are sceptical.

"That stuff isn’t harmful to humans or animals stop making a big deal out of nothing,” one person wrote.

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“And not once did I see this so-called spraying of your dog. If you're going to make accusations, you need 100% proof. This is just another story that lacks a few dragons," said another.

10 daily has reached out to Rockingham Council and LD Total for comment.