Brekky Wrap: Woman Charged With Murder After Newborn Twins Die With Drugs In System

Alll the news you need to know this Friday.

A woman from Tennessee, USA has been charged with murder after her premature twins were born with drugs in their system. Tiffany Marie Roberts, 29, gave birth to the babies at just 23-weeks on Sunday. After the twins were born, they both tested positive for a cocktail of drugs including cocaine. Tragically, the newborns died just two days later, reportedly only hours apart.

Later that day Roberts was arrested and later charged with first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and viable fetus as a victim.

Tiffany Marie Roberts
Photo: Hamilton County Jail/Facebook.

Legal experts are raising concerns about new laws that prevent extremists from returning to Australia. The laws passed yesterday and give the Home Affairs Minister powers to stop fighters who have participated in foreign conflicts from coming back to Australia.  But some lawyers say this power should be allowed only for the courts.

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Canadian police are reportedly closing in on two teenagers who are suspects in the murders of Australian man Lucas Fowler and his girlfriend after a days-long manhunt. The teenagers were yesterday charged with murder over the death of a third man whose body was found near a burnt-out camper van. It’s believed the teens are in a remote part of the province of Manitoba located over 3,000 kilometres from where the alleged killings took place.

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The U.S. will execute five federal death-row inmates for the first time since 2003. The first execution will take place in December via lethal injection. President Donald Trump supports the move saying he’d like to see more executions for drug traffickers and mass shooters.

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Europe is being gripped by a record-breaking heatwave. Temperatures in the Netherlands have risen above 40 degrees for the first time in history. Germany, France and Britain are also experiencing sweltering heat and it’s all due to hot air travelling up from the Sahara desert.

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People cool off next to the fountains at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Photo: AP

Australia’s 4x200 metre women’s relay team set a new world record at the Swimming World Championships and took out the Gold Medal in the event. The team smashed the 10-year-old record set by a Chinese team back in 2009.

The Black Dog Ride kicks off today for the 10th year running. Thirty motorbike riders will travel around Australia to raise awareness for depression and suicide prevention.

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