Mother's Warning After Son Gets Tongue Stuck In Bottle, Nearly Dies

A six-year-old boy was in the back seat of his mother's car when his tongue got stuck.

Clare Wooff was driving to the shops in Sainsbury, when she heard her son, Riley, making noises in the back seat of her car.

Wooff pulled over to try to free him from the water bottle thinking it would be easy to remove.  But that's when things took a turn for the worst.

After several attempts, Wooff rushed Riley to Lancaster Royal Infirmary, Lancs, where several medics also attempted to remove the lid but failed.

Doctors told Wooff her son would need to undergo major surgery but the procedure could be life-threatening.

Boy Gets Tongue Stuck In Bottle, Nearly Dies. Image: Facebook -Clare Wooff

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According to reports, the surgeons operating on Riley told Wooff, "this is a real risk. The risks are he could lose his breathing when we cut the lid off. The swelling could go down his throat and he may need a tracheotomy, which would land him in intensive care."

It took a team of 10 medics to remove the lid under sedation. Riley was able to walk out with his tongue still intact but left with a short-term speech impediment.

Last year the same incident occurred in Texas when a nine-year-old boy was seriously injured after getting his tongue stuck also in a water bottle. His injury was so serious he ended up in the hospital for four days and underwent surgery to remove the lid.

Boy seriously injured in Texas after tongue gets stuck. Image: KPRC 2 Click2Houston

Woof later shared her story to Facebook warning parents about these particular drink bottles.

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