Woman's Violent Plane Outburst Caught On Camera

A woman disrupted passengers on a plane when she struck a man on his head with a laptop after she caught him looking at another passenger.

The couple got into an altercation on an American Airline flight from Miami to Los Angeles when the woman caught her boyfriend admiring another woman.

Shortly after the couple exchange words, the man gets up and walks away when his partner can be seen following him and smashes him on the head with what appears to be a laptop.

Miami-Dade Police Department  identified the woman as Mrs McLemore and say that McLemore walked away after de-boarding the plane, and a search for her “yielded negative results.”

The flight attendant was trying to diffuse the situation but unfortunately ended up in the middle.

Man Gets Up Out Of Seat To Walk Away. Image: Twitter - juliascorupco

Luckily the plane was still at the gate in Miami International Airport when the incident broke out.

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A fellow passenger recorded part of the incident and posted it to twitter which has since received over 36.2 thousand retweets and over 120 thousand likes.

Woman Allegedly Physically Abuses A Man On Flight After Accusing Him Of Looking At Another Woman. Image: Twitter- juliascorupco

In the video, McLemore can be heard saying, you want to try to f***ing look at other women, n*****? Nah, f*** you."

The couple was removed from the plane after the pilot told the McLemore she will be charged with assault.

McLemore responded, "Fine, whatever."

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