Lion King Ooshie Toys A 'Choking Hazard' For Kids, Woolworths Admits

They're the latest toy craze, but parents are being warned about choking hazards in the new Lion King Ooshie promotion.

Children across Australia are trying to get their hands on the new Lion King collectables -- with some already being resold online at huge profits -- but the small toys sold at Woolworths come with a choking warning.

The collection, released last week, features 24 Ooshies, with characters from The Lion King including Simba, Nala and Mufasa.

Woolworths does admit the toys are a choking hazard and are not suitable for children under three.

Some of the toys in the collection. Photo: Woolworths

“The Lion King Ooshies are for persons aged 5 years and older,” an FAQ page on the promotion reads.

“Adult supervision is advised for children. Lion King Ooshies are a choking hazard and are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.”

Speaking on Studio 10 on Monday, host Sarah Harris said she didn’t want her one-year-old son Harry playing with them.

Sarah Harris said she was concerned. Photo: Studio 10

“They were giving them away at the supermarket checkout,” she said.

“Harry was in the trolley and he was handed three of them and I said ‘I don’t want that, put that back’ because kids can choke on them, 18-month-olds can choke on them.”

Photo: eBay

This comes after news of Ooshies being sold for thousands on eBay.

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It seems the ‘Lion King Orange Simba’ is the rarest of them all, with a Queensland eBay user listing one for $45,000.

Other listings include a Blue Mufasa for nearly $2000 and a Gold Nala for $4000.