Brekky Wrap: Furious Commuter Posts Photo Of 'W***er' Cyclist, Her Rant Backfires

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A commuter who shared a photo of a cyclist taking up four seats on a packed train has been slammed for not asking him to move. The woman took to Reddit to share her frustration after spotting the cyclist with their feet up on the seats. "Pretty full. It was just after rush hour. The wa***erism is twofold," she posted. "Regardless of whether it is busy or not, get your filthy shoes off of the seats, it's disrespectful to your fellow passengers... If you have too much stuff, use the overhead storage. That's what it's there for. The seats are for arses," she continued. While she received some support, many users disagreed. "I don't understand why people have to get so upset about something that doesn't affect them," one said. "Why are you posting this? If the train is full and you politely asked him to move I would bet money that they would move," said another. It isn't clear whether she did ask the cyclist to move.

Photo: Reddit

About 20 inmates have been involved in a violent riot inside a Juvenile Justice Centre on the NSW Central Coast. A group of youths used chainsaws to cut open cell doors at Frank Baxter Juvenile Justice Centre late last night. At least six youths have been injured, including two who have suffered stab wounds.

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Photo: 10 News First

Australian swimmer Mack Horton has refused to take the podium alongside his Chinese rival at the World Swimming Championships in South Korea. The Australian finished second to Sun Yang in the 400-metre freestyle but stood behind him and refused to take photos with him. Sun has in the past served time for doping.

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The Prime Minister has called on the Senate crossbench to urgently pass the $5 billion dollar drought relief package if Labor stands in the way. The legislation will be introduced to Federal Parliament today. The policy will see millions-of-dollars spent each year on drought-proofing infrastructure as well as research and development.


An elderly man is due in court today, charged with the murder of his wife in Brisbane’s south. Emergency crews arrived at a Kingston home early yesterday morning to find an 82-year-old woman dead in a bedroom. Her husband was arrested at the scene.

In Sydney, a mother who was allegedly killed by her own daughter was concerned about her child’s mental well-being, according to Newscorp. Rita Camilleri’s body was found decapitated in St Clair on Sunday morning. Her 25-year-old daughter will reappear in court after undergoing a mental health assessment.

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Rita Camilleri was found dead at a St Clair home on Sunday. Photo: Instagram

Riot police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protestors in Hong Kong. Hundreds of thousands of people took part in the anti-government demonstration -- the first mass protest in weeks. Police fired when the group ignored the designated finish line, continuing on to China's government headquarters in Hong Kong, where anti-China graffiti was sprayed.

Protesters clash with police after taking part in an anti-extradition bill march on July 21 Photo: Chris McGrath/Getty

In sport, New Zealand has won the Netball World Cup, beating Australia by a single goal in the final. In better news for Australia, the Aussies have retained the women’s ashes after drawing their test match with England.

Photo: Australia celebrates after taking a wicket in day four of the Women's Ashes Test match. Photo: Nick Potts/ Getty

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