Boy's Narrow Escape As Great White Leaps From Water

A family has received the fright of their lives after a great white shark leapt out of the water to snatch a fish straight from the fishing line.

Doug Nelson managed to capture the exact moment the shark clamped its jaws around the hooked fish as it was being reeled in at Rock Harbour, Orleans on Saturday.

His son Jack jumps back as the shark nears the vessel while the entire family can be heard yelling as the beast's tail thrashes the boat.

“We have just gone out and got two fish on,” captain Marc Costa told the Provincetown Police Department.

"That animal came up and grabbed the fish, right there. Right in our faces. It was pretty cool," he continued.

Costa has been in charge of Columbia Sportfishing charter boats for years and said he is almost certain the beast was a great white shark.

“It came up and it grabbed the fish and then it made a circular leap to get back in the water and go away,” Costa said. “It actually slapped the boat with its tail.”

The good news is the shark only took half of the bass on the line, the other half was reeled in without incident.

Thankfully no one was injured.

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Costa said that it wasn't the first time a shark had snatched a fish straight off the hook, admitting it has happened at least four times before, the most recent just 10 days prior.

“There have been some close takes … but nothing as acrobatic as that,” he told the Boston Herald.

“It was exciting and scary and exhilarating and kind of surreal.”