All The Times Things Got Super Awkward On The Project

Birthdays are special occasions, in that they are the appropriate time for friends and family to bring up the embarrassing moments from your life in very public speeches.

As The Project turns the big 1-0, it is only fitting we do the same for it.

For the past 10 years, seasoned professionals have sat at The Project desk -- from Waleed Aly to Carrie Bickmore, Hamish Macdonald to Lisa Wilkinson.

Tommy Little sits at it sometimes too.

But even the pros have their moments. And how lucky we are there are multiple cameras trained on them when they do.

Speaking to 10 daily ahead of the show's birthday celebrations, veteran host Carrie Bickmore revealed that some of her favourite moments were those that were slightly off-script, -- or dare we say -- a bit embarrassing.

"Where we’ve had no audio to play or no autocue or someone’s needed to go to the toilet. It’s all those kind of moments that are the ones that make you laugh," she said.

As it turns out, some of Bickmore's memorable stuff-ups are among our favourite moments too.

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Who could forget when she whacked her bare foot up on the desk to show colleagues where she was injured by a rogue rock or pulled out the added stuffing in her bra.

Great moments to be sure, but her report on discounted airline tickets back in 2012 arguably takes the cake.

"The airline price wars are heating up again, and we're being told 'fair discounting' is as aggressive as it's ever been," the story started off, completely normally.

"Virgin's targetting key corporate routes, hoping to win over c**ntus, excuse me, Qantas customers."

Cheers to 10 more!

Join 'The Project' for their 10th birthday celebrations on Friday, 6.30pm on 10 and on 10 play.