How Pizza Is Finding Missing Pets

A pizzeria is putting a new spin on an old concept, adding missing pet fliers to pizza boxes in a bid to reunite them with their owners.

So far Angelo's Pizza in Matawan, New Jersey has sent out around 500 boxes plastered with missing animal fliers.

Owner, John Sanfratello, started the initiative after his neighbour lost her cat which looked very similar to his own pet.

Missing pet fliers are being attached to pizza boxes. Photo: CBS

Now the concept is being used to locate other animals including a missing German Shepherd that was in training to become a seeing-eye dog.

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With more fliers heading out the door on pizza boxes, it’s hoped the missing animals will be found quickly.

It comes just a month after Australian police re-instated the 'old-school' method of putting pictures of missing persons on milk cartons.

Thousands of bottles of milk sent out to stores across Canberra were plastered with the faces of 12 missing Australians, some of whom disappeared decades ago.

Missing persons on milk bottle in Canberra. Photo: AFP