'It’s Disgusting': William Tyrrell’s Foster Parents Slam Police

William Tyrrell’s foster parents are set to slam the police handling of the toddler’s homicide case, claiming internal politics and in-fighting has derailed the investigation.

In episodes six and seven of the Where’s William Tyrrell? podcast, to be released next week, the three-year-old’s foster parents speak exclusively about their fears for the future of the investigation into William's disappearance in September 2014.

Their concerns come after detective Gary Jubelin, who led the homicide investigation for four years, was suddenly removed from the case earlier this year amid allegations of misconduct, just weeks before the coronial inquest into William’s disappearance was set to begin.

He later resigned from the NSW Police Force before being criminally charged with illegally recording a conversation with a person of interest involved in the case.

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William’s foster parents told 10 News First they fear William’s case will never be solved without Jubelin.

“I’m really angry because police are playing with William,” his foster mum said.

“William’s investigation right now is not going, they’re getting ready for the coroner’s court.

“The only people who are fighting for William is us and Gary.

“I want them to know and I want the public to know that we are never ever giving up on finding out what happened to William and the people who can do that are police and they’re doing nothing. Nothing. It’s disgusting.”

The full interview and other explosive allegations against senior members of the NSW Police Force will be aired in the Where’s William Tyrrell? podcast episodes six and seven, released on Monday, July 22.

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