Father Accidentally Hits And Kills Daughter With A Golf Ball

The six-year-old girl was in a golf cart when her father accidentally struck her in the head.

Authorities say a six-year-old girl has died after a father fatally struck his daughter on the head with a golf ball at the Sleepy Ridge Golf Course in Utah.

The little girl was sitting inside the golf cart when her father teed off.

A golf ball and golf club. Photo: Getty

According to Lt. Trent Colledge with the Orem Police Department, the ball struck the girl, who was about 18 meters away, in the back of the head at the base of her neck.

The little girl was transported by helicopter to a Children’s Medical Center where she later died after being in critical condition.

The girl died around 9pm Monday.

Police are not revealing the names of the father and daughter out of respect for the family and do not plan to press any charges.

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