Where's William Tyrrell? EP 4: Aftermath

William’s foster parents have spoken for the first time about being treated as suspects after their foster son’s disappearance.

His foster parents, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told 10 News First podcast Where’s William Tyrrell they were “grilled” by detectives after the three-year-old went missing in 2014.

“We were completely grilled separately and in isolation in back of detective’s vehicles. They took my vehicle away they completely searched it, checked it, they did everything,” his foster father said.

“And we had multiple conversations with multiple police people and detectives and all sort of other police, always just checking in, corroborating things, checking with us, all sorts of things,” his foster mother said.
Only 30 Hours After William Disappeared

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The pair told 10 News First journalist Lia Harris in episode four of the podcast they were questioned by police immediately after William vanished from his foster grandmother’s yard on Benaroon Drive in Kendall in September 2014.

They were later ruled out by lead detective Gary Jubelin, who also stated publicly that William’s birth parents had not been involved.

A supplied image obtained Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014 of missing three-year-old boy William Tyrrell.  Image: AAP.
William Tyrrell Search Turns Into Possible Abduction Case

William's foster parents said they expected to be treated as suspects because they were the last people to see him, but knew they had “nothing to hide”.

“And if they didn’t completely investigate us, I would be absolutely gobsmacked because you’ve got to rule us out,” his foster mother said.

“They cross referenced mobile towers. They did everything. They’ve got pictures of us travelling, they can show pictures of all of us in the car when we stopped at McDonalds, we’re all there, I mean everything we did has been accounted for.

“So for people who still have this conspiracy theory that’s out there that we were implicated in his disappearance, and whatever eventuates at the back end of that, we had nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing,” she said.

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An artist's impression of the cars seen on the street on the morning of William's disappearance. Image: Supplied.

Episode four of the Where's William Tyrrell podcast also details the days after the toddler disappeared, the ground search and the police investigation as it became clear he had been abducted.

It also details the significant developments discovered early on in the investigation, including the two suspicious cars seen by William’s foster mother on the morning of his disappearance.

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