'You Are Impostors': French Chef Demands Removal From Michelin Guide

The knives are out and the sharpening is underway in preparation for what could be the biggest culinary argument the world has seen.

Marc Veyrat is the undisputed king of French gastronomy but he's unleashed an almighty spray at the Michelin Guide, demanding his restaurant be removed from the iconic red book.

In 2018, Veyrat, 69, gained the ultimate three Michelin stars for his restaurant, La Maison du Bois, a chalet in the French Alps.

Three stars is the highest accolade a restaurant can receive.

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But in January, the gastronomic bible stripped him of a star, accusing him of using English Cheddar in his prized Alpine cheese soufflé.

A devastated Veyrat sat on the decision for six months before deciding to send a furious letter to the guide, demanding answers and accusing Michelin of "deep incompetence".

French chef Marc Veyrat, holds a Michelin guide after being awarded the maximum three Michelin stars, in February 2018. Photo: Getty

"I have been in depression for six months. How dare you take the health of your cooks hostage?" he wrote according to Le Monde

Veyrat accused the guide's inspectors of "profound incompetence".

"They dared to say we put cheddar in our soufflé reblochon, beaufort and Tomme! They insulted the area, my employees were crazy!" he said, according to the news agency.

"When we have the eggs of our chickens, the milk from our cows, and two botanists that pick our plants every morning. "

He then suggested that the Michelin inspectors never actually came to the restaurant in the first place.

"I expressly want the invoices ... You have a record, you should be able to find that evidence, " he wrote.

"You are impostors who only want clashes for commercial reasons."

Veyrat told French radio station RTL that the loss of the star had taken a huge toll on all of his staff, admitting many had "tears in their eyes."

Marc Veyrat works with his intern chefs Photo: JEAN PIERRE CLATOT / Getty

"I'm fighting for them because they don't understand," CNN reports.

Despite demanding Michelin remove his restaurant from its pages, the guide flat-out refused.

"If the institution remains open and our inspectors evaluate the table at one of our awards, we will continue to recommend it,” international guide director Gwendal Poullennec told Le Point.

Dinner at La Maison des Bois comes at a cost, with the 'symphony in the undergrowth' menu priced at $475 and 'the great party in the stars' menu to set you back a cool $636.

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