Melbourne Man Killed By Son's Dog Remembered As A 'Caring Man'

A Melbourne neighbourhood is in shock after Leo Biancofiore was mauled to death by his son's pet dog.

Emergency crews were called to a home at Ancona Drive in Mill Park just after 6.30pm on Wednesday night, after reports of a dog attack.

Officers arrived at the scene to find the American Staffordshire terrier, named Junior, attacking Biancofiore and his wife, Donata, in the backyard.

Police were forced to fire shots at the animal to stop it, but by then it was too late.

Photo: 10 News First

Biancofiore died of his wounds and his wife had suffered significant injuries to her upper body, that are not life-threatening.

She was transported to the Royal Melbourne Hospital for treatment.

Senior-Sergeant Glenn Parker told reporters at the scene that Junior belonged to the victim's son and had been at the property for some time.

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"As we're aware this dog hasn't come to anyone's attention in relation to its behaviour, it's just an out-of-the-blue attack," he said.

Neighbours have told 10 News First that the attack came as a shock, describing the victim as a "caring man" who is "always laughing".

"I'm gonna miss him a lot, he's a lovely person, I don't think anyone in the street is lovely like him," Princeza Nincovsk said.

"He's a Collingwood fan, always laughing about magpies and stuff... we're going to miss him a lot," another local said.

Neighbours confirmed that Biancofiore had been using a wheelchair and crutches because he was struggling with a back injury.

Victoria Police told 10Daily they found him with no walking assistance and his wife had pulled him under the pergola in the backyard in an effort to save his life.

Photo: I Love Staffies via Facebook

In a Facebook post from 2014, the dog's owner, Mark, labelled Junior "vicious", explaining that he "hugs so tight you can't breathe, [has a] smile that makes your heart melt when you see it and kisses that make it all better."

The Whittlesea Council has confirmed Junior has been put down.

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