Teen Left 'Black And Blue' After Alleged Homophobic Attack

A woman has allegedly been beaten "black and blue" after a homophobic attack in England.

Stevie-Leigh Ansell posted sickening photos to Facebook on Monday of her sister Ellie-Mae in the wake of the attack.

In them, the 18-year-old can be seen visibly upset as blood streams down her face and onto her jumper.

"Think you can do this to my sister daft c***s! YOU WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!" the caption reads.

Ellie-May was allegedly jumped in Hull in the UK after she confronted two people over money they owed her.

“My younger sister was out and about on her way home from one of her friend’s house. She had seen a couple of her friends, who are usually her friends, and one of them owed her a tenner and Ellie asked about it," Ansell told The Hull.

Photo: Stevie-Leigh Ansell via Facebook

It was then that she was beaten "black and blue".

According to the sisters, the attackers called Ellie-May a "f***ing lesbian" after beating her, warning that she and her girlfriend would "get it ten times worst next time".

The teenager was left with two black eyes, two big lumps on her head and a bloody nose.

“It is not okay, regardless if she is gay or not, to do this to an 18-year-old. It is absolutely disgusting," Ansell said.

A police report has been filed and officers have confirmed they are in the early stages of their investigations.

Those behind the sickening assault are yet to be charged.

Photo: Stevie-Leigh Ansell via Facebook

The incident has made headlines globally after the original Facebook post was shared 1400 times.

"I hope you get them done for assault and for being homophobic, total scum bags," one user said.

"How can people be so vile... I hope they get this done to them 10x worse," said another.

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The attack comes a month after two women were punched and robbed in an alleged homophobic assault on a London bus.

The women claim their attackers tried to force them to kiss each other and when they refused, they were hit.

Photo: Facebook

Both women were treated in hospital for facial injuries.

Four men aged 15 to 18 have been arrested, police said later, and they were looking for other suspects.