Spot The Clown: Janet Rice Mocks One Nation Senator During Coal Speech

Greens MP Janet Rice has been caught mocking One Nation member Malcolm Roberts as he discusses the Adani-Carmichael coal mine.

Roberts can be seen defending the Adani mine by discussing black lung as an issue of "management" in the coal industry, after the incurable condition was brought up by the Greens as a reason to not support the Carmichael project.

Roberts states to the speaker that he is "appalled that the Greens would take this opportunity to deride the coal miners of Queensland and of NSW".

Source: APH

As he does so, Rice can be seen openly laughing and pulling faces behind the One Nation senator. Rice even seemingly ensured that it was captured by the camera by changing from her regular seating.

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The Greens have argued that the Carmichael coal mine will not deliver the jobs it has promised and will only support a "tax-dodging multinational coal company" which is aiming to automate mining processes with robots, according to Greens senator Larissa Waters.

"So, more robots, and if there are any workers then they'll be suffering from black lung disease, which is back in Queensland as you well know and starting to kill coal miners," Waters said.

The Senate has voted in favour of the Adani mine despite vocal environmental protests to the decision.

Roberts has rejoined the Senate after nearly two years out of Parliament after he was kicked out for dual-citizenship in December 2016.