People With More Than 30,000 Social Media Followers Ruled A Celebrity

Anyone with more than 30,000 followers on social media is now considered a celebrity in the UK, after a landmark court ruling.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) challenged mum influencer Sarah Willox Knott in February this year, saying she breached rules around celebrities and medicinal promotions.

Knott posted about her sleeping habits in a sponsored Instagram post, promoting the sleeping tablet Phenergan. She described them as a "short term solution for adults which works by inducing a sleepy effect".

Source: ThisMamaLife Instagram.

Under ASA rules, celebrities are not allowed to endorse medicines.

However, Knott, who posts under the  Instagram handle @ThisMamaLife, argued that having just 32,000 followers meant she had a small niche audience, compared to recognisable celebrities such as Stephen Fry (359,000 followers) or David Beckham (55 million followers).

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The ASA said Knott described herself as a "family blogger/vlogger" and regularly produced content across her social media platforms, sharing experiences of her life as a parent.

"Given that she was popular with, and had the attention of a large audience, we considered that ThisMamaLife was a celebrity for the purposes of the CAP code," the watchdog stated.

Sanofi, the company that owns Phenergan, will no longer be allowed to use celebrities or social media influencers to endorse medicines under ASA guidelines.