How Belle Delphine Went From Instagram Fame To Selling Her Own Bathwater To Fans

She made global headlines last month when she trolled her male fan base with a porn account and now she's selling her own bathwater online -- but who is Belle Delphine? And how did she make it so big online?

Belle Delphine is a British cosplayer and Instagram personality with a surprising amount of influence in certain corners of the internet (her Instagram account currently boasts a cool 3.8 million followers).

On Tuesday, Delphine posted to her Instagram that she was now selling tubs of "gamer girl bath water"-- small tubs of water that she promises she has bathed in, sold at US $30 (AU $42) each.

Delphine emphasises on her online store that the water is "not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes."

Multiple fans have taken to the Instagram post and asked hopefully if the water contains her urine.

Okay, so what is happening here?

'Gamer girl bath water' is potentially capitalising on a tide of media attention for Delphine that began last month, when the famous 'eGirl' toyed with her millions of online fans by implying that she would begin posting pornography.

The frenzy began when Delphine posted a photograph of herself to her Instagram sitting on her bed, pulling at one side of her g-string, claiming she would begin an account on internet porn giant, Pornhub.

"If this photo gets 1 MILLION likes I'll actually make a Pornhub account. The time has officially come," the caption read.

The photo accumulated over 1.9 million likes in a matter of days and Delphine made good on her promise -- only not really.

In one video titled "Belle Delphine Plays With Her Pussy", the Instagram star reaches down between her thighs only to pick up a small toy cat.

In another titled "Belle Delphine SQUIRTS All Over The Floor" she plays with a water gun.

Delphine's male followers reacted furiously, posting comments like "Boys we have been tricked". Others called for people to unfollow the star completely, while others said everyone should "unlike the picture it's f**king trash".

Over on Reddit, where a subreddit dedicated to her NSFW content has well over 5,000 members, one particularly aggrieved fan posted a call to arms stating that he has an idea "to make Belle Delphine spill the PornHub goods".

In the post, he details how Belle Delphine's Patreon supporters should stop giving her money until she -- and this is a real quote -- "delivers the meat and lettuce sandwich we were promised on Christmas day".

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"Those tariffs President Trump imposed worked on Mexican Walls, I don't see why the same thing wouldn't work on some sweet anime queen sugar walls."

Meanwhile, many took to Twitter to applaud her trolling -- partly because it was funny, and partly because the men and boys who were disproportionately reacting to the situation and spitting that they were betrayed were not painting exactly sympathetic figures of themselves.

So, where did this madness begin?

Delphine first started building a social media presence in 2015 when she posted a (now-deleted) photograph of herself looking virtually unrecognisable from her present form.

While she has a YouTube channel and Facebook page, Instagram is Delphine's primary social platform and it's where she first cultivated her aesthetic.

Delphine's photographs are strongly influenced by Japanese anime and gaming culture, with long coloured wigs, cute animal or elven ears and a hyper-sexualised wardrobe consisting of schoolgirl fantasy tropes mixed with, well, fantasy fantasy tropes.

The Instagram page is softcore pornography that caters strongly to 'nerd' internet subcultures and leans in to sexual niches such as 'Furry' culture.

The photo that first gleaned a vast amount of internet attention was a selfie of Delphine with elven ear prosthetics, pulling a facial expression derived from pornographic anime known as "Ahegao" -- with her tongue stuck out and her eyes rolling back into her head.

Ahegao has become a signature of Delphine's online presence and this, combined with extremely revealing photos, has earned her millions of 'thirsty' male fans.

Melbourne meme street artist Lush Sux even created a mural of the face for the general public to behold.

Lushsux's mural of Belle Delphine in Melbourne. Photo: Instagram.

Delphine managed to monetise her social media brand by establishing a Patreon account where donors can subscribe at various tiers to access private -- read: more pornographic -- material.

Her Patreon profile reads: "If you're into weird elf kitty girls who try too hard then you have come to the right place <3" and offers seven different levels of donation with increasingly sexual and intimate online interactions with Delphine.

"GOD" level costs users $US 2,500 per month and provides access to all of her explicit material as well as an undisclosed reward that the user can discuss in advance with Delphine herself.

The account currently has 3,120 anonymous 'patrons' who have to donate at least $US 1 each per month to access material and be counted on the site.