'Stupidity At Its Highest': Thief Burns Himself After Stuffing Hot Spaghetti Down Pants

Tip: If you're going to stuff stolen goods down your pants, make sure they aren't scorching hot.

A shoplifter has been caught on CCTV burning himself with the very same meal he was about to steal.

The man, donning a backpack and cap, can be seen wandering down an aisle at Forrest Road Fresh, Armadale, on Saturday, before shoving an item into his pants and adjusting his t-shirt over the top.

Several seconds later, the would-be thief begins to look uncomfortable, limping as he continues down the aisle, fiddling with his side.

Photo: Forrest Road Fresh via Facebook

He then stops, pulls down his pants and throws the packet to the ground before walking off.

Workers told Perth Now a trail of sauce led them to the crime scene.

The whole incident was posted to the facebook page of the Western Australian supermarket.

"Stupidity at its highest form, putting a hot meal of spaghetti down your pants not only is it going to burn you but will expose you to the public for attempted shoplifting ‼️" the post read.

"Does anyone recognise this person? If so please message us with details. Much appreciated."

Photo: Forrest Road Fresh via Facebook

The post has been largely met with humour.

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"Unfortunately you can't fix stupid," one user said.

"Slim Shady here dropping Moms spaghetti," said another.

That very same supermarket was targeted by more thieves the following day.

"It was definitely EOFY STOCK TAKE time on the 30th June," the video, posted just six hours later read.

"These guys forgot to apply for the job !!"

The trio, all wearing black jumpers, can be seen stuffing products into their pants and pockets as discretely as possible before heading straight for the exit.