Disabled People Are Sharing Their Stories Of Rude Back-Handed 'Compliments'

Disabled people are taking to Twitter to share their stories of backhanded 'compliments', including comments such as "you're too pretty to be in a wheelchair" under the hashtag #DisabledCompliments.

The hashtag, which has accumulated hundreds of responses since its creation on Saturday, was started by disability activist Imani Barbarin, who publishes the website Crutches and Spice.

Barbarin posted on Saturday a comment that she had received: "Like, no I don't see you as disabled. You don't have that disabled mindset, you know?!"

She followed this up with several more quotes, including: "You're a reminder to me of how much worse things can get! I feel blessed".

Followers quickly began responding with their own experiences of supposedly-positive comments that people had given them about their disabilities.

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One user said they had received the comment, "You're so inspiring. If I was like you...I'd wanna die", while another said they had been told, "You're too pretty to be in a wheelchair".

Australian author Carly Findlay, who has written extensively about ableism and living with ichthyosis, shared a few examples of her own.

Twitter users have thanked Barbarin for starting the discussion about these backhanded or awkward compliments.

One person said the hashtag gives space to post "many examples of things that you may think are compliments to disabled people but are actually super f**king obnoxious to get".

Barbarin herself said the reason the hashtag has become popular is likely because disabled people are frustrated at their lack of representation in public discourse.

"Disabled people want to be a part of the conversation. I just provide the opportunity," she wrote.