Where's William Tyrrell? EP 2: Two Families

Episode two of the ground-breaking podcast investigation into the disappearance of William Tyrrell.

William Tyrrell’s foster parents have spoken for the first time about becoming his carers and their plans for his future in a new podcast episode, released on Monday.

Episode two of Where’s William Tyrrell? -- which hit number one in Australia upon its release last week  -- details William’s complicated backstory and the journey that led him to Kendall, where he disappeared on September 12, 2014.

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His foster parents -- known as Jane and Peter in the podcast -- spoke to 10 News First journalist Lia Harris for the first time about why they decided to become foster carers and how William changed their lives.

"We never ever had the view that we would replace his mum and dad because we can’t," foster mum Jane said.

“I think we have a role to play and that role was what we were doing, to assist in this particular scenario and it just happened to be that there was just an incredible bond and connection across everyone.”

William Tyrrell, minutes before he disappeared (AAP IMAGE/NSW POLICE)

His foster parents also spoke about the plans they had for William's future before he vanished.

“The plans for his future, like any other parent would have, is that you have a child that grows happy,” Jane said.

Where's William Tyrrell?

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“Socially aware, good contributor to society and really is happy and fulfilling, doing the things that he wants to do and that’s as much as we had.”

Episode two also includes never-before-heard details from his biological parents’ police statements and what they were doing the day he disappeared.

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