Driver's 'Ridiculous' Fine Over Tampered 'No Stopping' Sign

A NSW woman has been slapped with a $263 fine after a vandal painted an extra arrow onto a 'no stopping' sign.

Nikita Kerston had parked her car outside her brother's home in Gosford on the NSW Central Coast on June 16.

When she returned to the vehicle an hour later Kersten found a fine slotted under her windscreen wiper and an extra arrow painted on the 'no stopping' sign ahead, leading rangers to believe she had parked illegally.

While the hefty fine was a shock, Kersten was convinced she would be let off.

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"I believed it would be easy to get out of as the sign had obviously been tampered with and was not legitimate," she told 10daily.

It turns out she was wrong.

Kersten appealed the penalty twice, attaching photos of the dodgy paint job and explaining the situation, and while NSW Revenue acknowledged the sneaky vandalism, it refused to revoke the fine.

"We acknowledge your comments indicating the sign was vandalised and this contributed to this offence, however, we are unable to cancel the penalty," the response read.

"The issuing authority also reviewed the matter and confirms the penalty was correctly issued and still applies".

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Kersten is refusing to pay the fine and has confirmed she will contact her local member, Emma McBride about the issue today.

"It just seemed so unfair and unethical," she said. "They stated they can see the sign has been tampered with, yet I still have to pay for it!! [It] seems ridiculous".

While she hopes the issue is resolved "prior to wasting a day in court", the Central Coast local warns she will take it to court if she needs to.

Photo: Nikita Lee Kersten

Parking signs have caused issues right around NSW of late.

In the 20017/2018 financial year, motorists paid more than $172 million in parking fines to NSW councils.

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Many drivers simply can't decipher the ridiculously confusing signs, like this one:

Can you make sense of this parking sign in Pyrmont? Sydney Photo: Viki Gerova

Thankfully, a website has been set up to help Sydneysiders decipher the convoluted rules in congestion hotspots.

Spot Parking has been around since 2015 but is now expanding to other areas and even overseas.

So log on and check out the translation before you walk away riddled with parking ticket anxiety.