Student Stabbed, School Locked Down After Knife Fight In Brisbane

A student has been stabbed and another is in police custody after a Brisbane school yard fight escalated forcing the school into lock down on Thursday.

A 13-year-old student is currently in police custody after a stabbing at Shailer Park State High School, in the city's south.

Two students had been fighting when a knife was produced, Queensland police told 10 News First.

A police spokesperson said officers were called to the school just after 2.15pm and they took one teenager into custody.

School mother Karen Quinn received a notification from the school.

"Pleased be advised due to an incident the school went into lockdown. All students are safe & will depart at 3pm as usual."

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"My sons are home sick today, they were notified by their friends that were at school," she told 10 daily.

Police said the school was briefly placed into lock down and all students have since been allowed home.

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The injured student has a non-life threatening injury.

Quinn said her sons are the same age as the student in custody and was "surprised that it happened at a Brisbane school".

She said in her experience it is a normal, peaceful and happy school.

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