Buried WWII Bomb Leaves Huge Crater After Surprise Explosion

A decades-old bomb buried in a German barley field has exploded unexpectedly, leaving an enormous crater in the earth.

German news site Hessenschau reported nobody was harmed when the bomb went off in the farmland near Ahlbach.

Using drones, explosive experts examined the site and concluded the crater was most likely caused by a 250-kilogram bomb. It could have been dropped by Allied forces between 1940 and 1945.

According to estimates by munitions experts on site, the air bomb had probably exploded at a depth of several metres as a result of the triggering of the chemical detonator. Photo: Getty Images.

During this five-year period, approximately 1.3 million tonnes of bombs were dropped on German targets -- killing approximately 410,000 German civilians.

The bombing campaign on Dresden alone killed 20,000 civilians in just a fortnight.

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According to Smithsonian Magazine, approximately 2,000 tonnes of unexploded munitions are uncovered in Germany every year. When new train lines are built, for example, the ground has to be assessed beforehand for buried bombs.

Eleven bomb technicians have been killed in Germany since the year 2000 while attempting to dispose of these bombs. One 453-kilogram bomb exploded unexpectedly in 2010 during an operation, killing three technicians.

People standing at the crater. Photo: Getty Images.

Of course Germany is not the only country that suffers from issues related to unexploded devices left over from conflict.

More than 40,000 Vietnamese people have been killed by unexploded ordnances since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

In Laos, the most heavily-bombed country per capita in history, over 270 million cluster bombs were dropped during the Vietnam War. Up to 80 million of those have not been detonated.

Over 20,000 people in Laos have been killed by the ordnance since 1973.

Cambodia also suffers from profound problems, with landmines littering approximately 1660 square kilometres of the country.