Racist Mascot Tower Email Slams 'Dodgy' Jewish, Muslim Builders

Exclusive: A vile and 'malicious' chain email has blamed "white Aussies" for the troubles plaguing the Mascot Tower, also levelling various racist claims against Muslims, Jews, Italians and Chinese people.

Residents of the tower, in Sydney's south, were forced to evacuate their homes nearly two weeks ago after concerns were raised about movement inside the building and stability of the structure. Residents were given just hours to pack up and leave, and this week, engineers assessed that the 10-year-old building is moving downwards.

10 daily has been made aware of several versions of a virulently racist email circulating around Australia, blaming the issues of the Mascot Tower and the Opal Tower -- where cracks were found in December 2018 -- on "white inspectors" who "ignore defects unintentionally".

"What is worse my friend, is that thousands of more towers are being built… And they are still being inspected by local white Aussies!" the email, filled with poor grammar, claimed.

There is no suggestion any claims levelled in the email are true.

The Mascot Towers on June 15. Photo: AAP

10 daily has seen several versions of this email, each purporting to be from a different person -- various copies of the same email bear the names of Nicky, Ray, Tyler and Charleigh -- but with identical content. People in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney have reported receiving the emails, each from a different address, in recent days.

10 daily has attempted to contact the email addresses associated with the messages. They appear to be 'spoofed' email addresses, where a person can make an email appear to be from a fake address or an address they do not own, with many of 10 daily's emails bouncing back as undeliverable.

Some of the email addresses have previously shared racist and homophobic emails, written in a similar style, during the federal election.

"From now on, we must change all inspectors to people belong to Indian heritage! This diversity will make everyone vigilant and we will have better quality towers only!" the email claimed.

"We definitely can't use Jewish, because Jewish developers produce dodgy towers only."

The Mascot building

The email then goes on to list various racial criticisms of Chinese and Italian people.

"Let the tower fall and bury them instead, not us!" the email said.

Dr Dvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission, called the email "hate speech". He said he was aware of the email circulating widely around Australia.

"We condemn this contemptible and malicious email that incites against Jews and other minorities and which traffics in dangerous stereotypes, virulent scapegoating and harassment," he told 10 daily.

"Like most Australians, I am deeply alarmed by the dramatic surge in bigotry, ugly slurs and back-to back racist incidents affecting our nation, and this letter is symptomatic of this trend."

Residents' luggage outside the Mascot Towers building after residents of the high-rise were evacuated as a precaution. Photo: AAP

Abramovich said the emails, with links to previous vilification of LGBTQ people, were "a focused campaign of intimidation" that is "weaponising the tools of modern technology to spread their venomous and divisive ideology."

"This is a moment in time that demands that we stand together and push back against the prejudice and intolerance which threatens our cherished pluralism," he said.

"It’s on all of us to vigorously fight against such vile rhetoric."