Tattooed Aussie Pollies: Christian Porter Makes Good On Election Promise

Attorney-General Christian Porter has ticked off his first post-election commitment: getting inked.

If your news and social media feeds have been littered with photos of an X wing Starfighter from Star Wars tattooed on a man's torso, you're not alone.

That torso belongs to Porter, Liberal politician from WA politician who vowed to get a tattoo if he won back his seat of Pearce in May -- he did.

Why Star Wars?

Not only did he out himself as a "massive Star Wars fanboy" he explained that the Starfighter is "a symbol of prevailing against the adversity of what appear to be overwhelming odds".

A.K.A the Coalition's miracle election win.

"First promise delivered – ink done!"

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese admits he's not a fan labelling it "weird" and nothing more than "scribble".

"I am a big Star Wars fan," he told Sky News. "I'm just questioning the extent to which if you looked at it without being told what it was you would know anyway about that. It could be a spider."

The Labor leader, who is better known as DJ Albo behind the decks and was once able to sell out the Newtown Social Club, today refused to confirm if he had a tattoo.

"I can assure you I don't have any spiders," was all he gave.

But we can be assured that Porter isn't the only Australian politician to have unique ink.

In 2016, the Good Weekend ran a feature on Queensland politician George Christensen complete with an image that will survive history.

In it, the Nationals MP was wearing a blue singlet and his signature glasses while holding a whip -- his huge Jesus tattoo the centre of attention.

Queensland Labor MP Graham Perrett also has a tat of his own.

The opposition's assistant spokesman for education has a Eureka flag tattoed on his upper arm.

In the lead up to the May 18 election, One Nation candidate Jackson Wreford found himself in the spotlight for his steamy social media posts.

The Thor lookalike was hoping to unseat Liberal MP Andrew Hastie in the seat of Canning, WA.

"I promise you, I will always have your best interests at heart and have the guts to say what you’re thinking," his profile on One Nation's official website read.

While Wreford said his saucy photos were met with "largely positive" feedback, it wasn't enough to win him the seat.

One Nation's secret weapon in the NSW Hunter region, Stuart Bonds, is also well known for his heavily marked skin.

The coal mine mechanic, 33, took close to 22 percent of the primary vote in the seat in the federal election, making him one of the most popular One Nation candidates in the country.

He didn't quite make it Canberra either, he was toppled by Labor's Joel Fitzgibbon in the end.

Photo: TheBondsFamily007 via Facebook

And while he's not a politician himself, we will never forget the Adelaide man who got an image of Tony Abbott tattoed on himself.

With the caption "You're not saying anything, Tony," the tat commemorates an incident back in 2011 when the then-opposition leader stood in awkward, painful silence for 28 seconds while trying to explain comments he made to Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

The tattoo's owner remains anonymous.

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Just how many tattoed Australian politicians there are remains a mystery, but there's bound to be more men and women in Canberra hiding some serious ink under their suits.