Teen Bound Puppy's Mouth Shut In Shocking Animal Abuse Case

A Utah woman is facing felony charges of animal abuse after allegedly binding her puppy's mouth shut because she was annoyed with how "noisy" the animal was.

Celestial Zoo, an animal rescue organisation based in Utah, first brought the case to the attention of the public after owner, Alexis Callen, posted photos on Facebook saying that her "puppy got hurt badly" and that she doesn't have the funds to pay for the dog's surgery.

Source: Celestial Zoo Facebook.

The graphic photographs showed extensive wounding around the 4-month-old Labrador-cross-German Sherpard's mouth, disfiguring the animal's face.

Callen originally explained the injuries by saying she had left the puppy in the care of another person while she made an "emergency trip" to see her family.

She claimed that when she got back "her snout was tied shut and swollen".

The former owner then later admitted to tying the dog's snout shut for two days so that she would stay quiet and let Callen sleep.

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Celestial Zoo stated that it "looks to be a rubber band or hair tie around her muzzle that caused it, left on for a week or two."

Source: Alexis Callen's original Facebook post. Source: Celestial Zoo.

Callen was arrested following the involvement of local Animal Control officers and is now facing a felony charge of torturing a companion animal.

Under Utah law, this is considered aggravated cruelty and is classified as a third degree felony, meaning that Callen faces up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $US 5,000.

The puppy is currently under the care of Celestial Zoo and requires up to $US 2,000 worth of surgeries to correct her disfigurement, including a hole in her mouth that is still apparent even when the dog's mouth is shut.

The organisation believe that the puppy will make a full recovery, despite extensive scarring.