Man Attempts The World's Slowest, Most Hilarious 'Crash For Cash'

Footage has emerged of a man limping into traffic before throwing himself at a car and slowly slumping to the ground. 

It might just be the worst attempted 'crash for cash' the world has ever seen.

The clip shows the man eyeing off a silver car travelling slowly towards him. He squares up and limps to the centre of the road as the car nears him, blocking it from going any further.

As the car comes to a complete standstill, the man awkwardly falls onto the bonnet and sprawls his limbs out, throwing his arms up in the air.

The spectacle continues as the man slowly slides down the vehicle and collapses to the ground, motionless.

Photo: Alamin Chowdhury via Facebook
Photo: Alamin Chowdhury via Facebook

The incident played out at Luton, Bedfordshire in the East of England, with the video uploaded to Facebook on Sunday.

"Accident on Chapel Street loool," the post read.

It has since been shared around the internet, including to The Yorkshire Bible Facebook page.

"Best actor award goes to the dude in black," said one user,

"That is priceless," said another.

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The circumstances around the incident remain a  mystery. It's not known if it was, in fact, an attempt at a dodgy insurance claim or if he was just inebriated.

But, police did confirm they received a concern for welfare call on Saturday, but the man denied medical attention and left the scene.

Maybe he just wanted an Oscar?

You can watch the full performance above.