'This Is A Joke': Traffic Reporter Launches Into Spectacular On-Air Spray

There may not be much congestion in the air but one traffic reporter has failed to hide his frustration with huge delays on the ground in Melbourne's south-west.

It was gridlock in Laverton on Tuesday morning after night road works ran two hours overtime on Doherty's Road.

By 6.30 am the flow on effects could be felt on surrounding roads.

The West Gate Freeway, one of the busiest roads in the city, was at a standstill while traffic on Grieve Parade stretched right back to Kororoit Creek Road.

Photo: Google Maps

Sebastian Cant from the Australian Traffic Network was covering live traffic updates from the helicopter for radio station 3AW and seemed to voice the frustrations felt by the drivers below.

While he used keywords typical of a traffic report, such as "contraflow", "standstill" and "banking back", he added a bit of colour rarely heard from Australia's well-versed and often conservative reporters.

"Disgraceful conditions here at Doherty's Road and Grieve Parade at the moment," he began.

Traffic Reporter's Spray Over Road Works

"This is a joke. Traffic on the West Gate is at a standstill from Millers trying to get off at Grieve Parade and traffic on Grieve Parade is nearly banking back to Kororoit Creek Road.

"This has gotta get fixed, gotta get fixed quick".

Chris Miller from Vic Roads confirmed to 10daily that crews were running two hours overtime, simply because the job didn't go to plan.

"It's unfortunate and Vic Roads is apologising profusely," he said while assuring that workers will be packed up and cleared out by 5am tomorrow as scheduled.

Miller said that he had known Cant for years and confirmed that there were absolutely no hard feelings towards him.

However, he did admit that his phone hadn't stopped ringing since the rogue report.