Boat With 14 People Aboard Overturns, Catches Alight

Fourteen people have been rescued after their boat overturned and burst into flames off the Queensland coast.

The vessel got into trouble 25 kilometres east of Curtis Island, just after 9am on Monday morning.

They escaped onto a smaller boat, but rescue helicopters were called in when that too started taking on water.


By the time the choppers arrived, all 14 people had abandoned ship and were wading in the water.

One person aged in their 70s was winched to safety and taken to Gladstone Hospital to be treated for hypothermia and exhaustion.

The remaining people were pulled from the water by police and taken to shore where they were assessed by paramedics.

Photo: Supplied

Of those, two patients were taken to Gladstone Hospital, one with smoke inhalation and post-immersion symptoms and the second with a chest injury.

Both are in a stable.

The cause of the incident is not yet known.