Bizarre 'Catshark' Sea Creature Washes Up On Victorian Beach

Beachgoers have stumbled upon a catshark lying on the shores of a popular beach.

The quirky looking sea creature was spotted at Golden Beach in the Gippsland region on Saturday.

Cosy Seaside Escape posted photos of the grey and black animal on Facebook.

"Walking along the beach and saw this catshark who came out to sunbake," the caption read.

"That is incredible - nature at its best," one user wrote.

"OH WOW. What a sight," said another.

A third said another had been spotted beached just a couple of weeks ago.

Catsharks -- named after their large cat-like eyes -- are one of the largest families of sharks with around 160 different species, but they're not spotted often as they often trawl the ocean floor eating small fish.

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Grey-spotted and Orange-spotted catsharks are found mainly in NSW and Victoria but can also be spotted in South Australian and Tasmanian waters.

They usually grow to about 60 centimetres in length and are considered to be harmless to humans.

It's not known if this particular shark was in fact "sunbaking" or if it had been beached.