South Australia Shivers As Temperatures Plummet Below Freezing

People have woken to find their homes, cars and gardens covered in ice, after an overnight cold snap hit South Australia.

South Australians have shivered through a freezing night, with temperatures dropping as low as minus seven in some parts of the state.

Creeks and waterways were frozen over. Photo: Zach Slattery

In the city, the low was 2.4 degrees -- but spare a thought for those waking up in Yunta in the state's north east, where it dropped to an icy -7.1 degrees.

The Bureau of Meteorology said that's the coldest recorded SA temperature since 2012!

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"It's very abnormal to see these sort of temperatures across the Adelaide metro area," meteorologist Matt Bass told 10 News First.

"We've had a really cold front move through a couple of days ago and then a big high pressure system, light winds clear skies, so that allows a lot of heat to escape at night."

In the Riverland, Renmark's overnight low was -5.7 degrees, while Murray Bridge was -3.6 and the Coonawarra wine region dropped to -3.3.

Social media users have been posting their best frost photos and videos, with many carving slices of ice from their windscreens and trying to defrost frozen birdbaths.

"Biggest frost ever for us," commented Facebook user Anne Binns from McLaren Vale.

Frost blankets vineyards at McLaren Vale. Photo: Anne Binns

"Icy hay bales and icy water trough, cows were waiting for the ice to melt so they could have a drink," commented Rebecca McLaren from Blackford, in the state's south east.

Hay bales covered in ice near Kingston SE. Photo: Rebecca McLaren

For those struggling through the cold snap, the good news is temperatures will start to increase over the rest of the week, even forecast to reach 20 degrees by Thursday.

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