Residents Warned Mascot Towers Is Now 'Moving Downwards'

The evacuated residents of Mascot Towers have been warned by engineers that the building is 'moving downwards' as the building continues to be monitored.

Almost two weeks after the residents of Sydney's Mascot Towers were given four hours to evacuate their homes, engineers have assessed that the 10-year-old building is moving downwards.

Residents moving out of Mascot Towers. Source: AAP Photos.

Attention was first drawn to the structure after cracks appeared in the support structure and masonry.

The 132 residents of the apartment building have been provided with a nightly budget of up to $400 from a $3 million state government assistance package to find temporary accommodation elsewhere.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has thus far failed to indicate whether or not residents will have to repay this loan.

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As residents entered the building to evacuate, they were made to sign waivers stating that they would not take photographs inside and some residents were asked to hand over their phones.

Source: AAP Photos.

An email update sent to the residents on Monday night stated that the "building is moving in a downward motion" but did not specify further what was happening to the block.

Residents have now also been given the opportunity to remove their belongings from the building following requests for access.

With assistance from Engineers Australia, two geotechnical engineers will be visiting the site Tuesday afternoon to measure the movement of the structure and an owners meeting will be taking place on Thursday evening.