Brisbane Man Allegedly Set Fire To A Petrol Station During Wild Rampage

A Brisbane man has been arrested after a rampage through the southside of the city during which he allegedly attempted several carjackings and set a petrol station alight.

The rampage began at approximately 9am on Sunday when the suspect, driving a blue Holden Commodore, clipped a woman while driving into a petrol station in Sunnybank.

The 57-year-old driver of the car then entered the petrol station and demanded cigarettes whilst threatening staff.

He then poured fuel onto the ground and set it alight.

Police arrest the 57-year-old suspect at a busy intersection. Source: Ten News First.

Petrol station staff were able to extinguish the blaze while the suspect drove away.

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The driver then crashed his Commodore about fifteen minutes after leaving the petrol station and attempted to carjack two separate vehicles before leaping into the van after the 70-year-old driving who had stopped to help at the crash scene.

With help from another driver, the 70-year-old managed to haul the suspect out of the van to prevent him driving away.

When Queensland Police officers arrived on the scene, the suspect allegedly struck a dog squad officer who was attempting to subdue him -- using a metal mug as a makeshift knuckle duster.

Inspector Geoff Acreman said that the behaviour of the man "is quite irrational" and he has been taken to hospital for examination.

Charges have not yet been laid against the suspect.