'Use A Broom': Resident Forced To Retrieve Delivery From Roof

A Sydney mother has been forced to work for her goods after her parcel was accidentally thrown onto her roof.

Merryl Lloyd arrived home on Friday to find the package wedged into the gutter, right above her front door.

The postie had acknowledged the dodgy throw, leaving the Castle Hill mother an apology note, suggesting a way for her to get her delivery safely to the ground.

"I accidentally threw your parcel on top of the roof, my apologies," the delivery driver wrote, according to Lloyd's Facebook post. "Use maybe a broom to get it down".

Photo: Merryl Lloyd via Facebook

“My friend and I got home from shopping and she told me that I had a parcel as there was a red card in the screen door, that’s when I read the note, I looked up and found the parcel," she told Hatch.

“I got an extension mop and made several attempts and swung it around until finally [the parcel] flew off and it landed in the garden.”

Thankfully there was nothing breakable inside.

The images have since been re-posted on the Bubs Warehouse Facebook, racking up more than 9,600 comments and 2,300 shares.

Photo: Merryl Lloyd via Facebook

"Australia Post, you ok?" the post read, "I think Postman Pat may need to get that arm checked."

Users were quick to share their own unique experiences with delivery drivers.

"Got a message from AusPost saying parcel was left in a safe place and after searching we found it in the electricity meter box," one user explained.

Another said they found their parcel hidden behind a wheelie bin near their front door.

Users did agree on one thing, that the roof-method was much better than having to physically go to the post office to collect their deliveries.

"Tbh I’d just be happy I didn’t have to go to the post office to get it," one user wrote.

"This is STILL more convenient then going to the post office," said another.

It's understood Lloyd plans to report the incident to Australia Post.